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Solve your building maths problems using a simple ten dollar calculator

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The choice of calculators is huge but the good news is that there is NO need for anything too complicated. I will demonstrate all the tricks and techniques on a student calculator that cost me $10.

Whether you are up to your knees in concrete or leaning off a scaffold 30 feet off the ground, learn how to get accurate results every time, FAST!

Get to know your way around the keyboard and functions with easy to follow graphics.

No stress easy to follow answers to REAL building problems that will help you to get a full appreciation of this wonderful little tool.

We deal in rectangles and triangles all the time and calculators are real time savers. So why ain't you got one?

I'm not selling calculators here. That's not what I do. In this small booklet I will show you how to cut through the jargon and learn how to solve everyday practical problems in an easy way.

You don't even have to remember much either. Just print out the cheat sheet at the end of the book and put it inside your calculator case. Six months from now - instant recall.

Bill Bradley

Hi, my name is Bill Bradley.
Do you find that maths text books make it all seem horribly complicated? Me too....
Have you got vague and somewhat painful memories of high school maths? Well I'll give you the drum. I had mental blackouts over that stuff.

Sometime when I was at trade school as an apprentice I managed to kick my horror at the thought of Algebra and the like. I gradually came to the realisation that this maths stuff is useful after all. The guy that was teaching us, like most trade school teachers in those days was an ex-tradesman and he just laid the problems out in simple terms. We caught on fast because we could all of a sudden see the practical uses of it all.

In those days it was still fairly academic as nobody was going to use a set of log tables on a construction site, but then we had a huge change. The introduction of pocket calculators and not too much later home computers.

So my aim with this small book is, like my old trade school teachers, to show you by example just how easy to use and how useful these tools can be.

"Hi Bill,
Im very happy with the Ebook its going to save alot of headaches once i wrap my head around the methods much appreciated will stay in touch to tell you how Im going...
I just completed an did a examine on Hip roofing and used your teachings from the E-book(ten dollar calculator) and pass with the greatest of ease again good one mate, I'm happy as larry cause I'm not that good at MATHS
Much Appreciated "

Keith C.

If you want to add a small scientific calculator to your tool kit then you will never regret the time spent reading this book.


If you are not completely satisfied with the book let me know and I will cheerfully refund your money, You have my word on it!.

Buy it here for $7.50 through PayPal

At $10 or a touch more a student calculator will be just about the cheapest tool in your kit. It will be cheaper than the inanimate lump of metal that we call a steel square yet you can use it to square house blocks to the nearest fraction of an inch.

It will be cheaper than a concrete shovel or aluminium screed yet it may save you $100's in over ordered concrete.

If I sat down with you over a cup of coffee and we had a two hour conversation about all the subjects that I cover in the book would you pay for the coffee?

If we had another cup while I sketched the details for you in your note book, would you pay for the second cup as well?

For $7.50 you'd be mad if you didn't!