Just What Is An E-Book?
What will I get?

An E-Book is an electronic book. It is a file that you download to your computer. You can read it just as you are reading this, on your own computer, or you can print with your printer. Once you have downloaded the e-book it lives on your computer and you can open and read it or print it any time you like without being connected to the internet.

Above is a photo of a few pages printed out from one of my e-books. They have been placed into a cheap file binder and they are being used as a guide while working out the details of a flight of stairs.

Are all E-books the same?

If you have been unfortunate enough to buy an e-book that is just a quick copy and reformat of a few web pages, then you are in for a pleasant surprise with a BuilderBill E-book.

Far More Information In The Text

The books go into a lot greater detail than my web pages which cater mainly for the quick answers.

Quality Graphics.

Unlike websites or even conventional books, my E-Books are able to store large and detailed graphic files so the illustrations can be zoomed to show great detail.

Comprehensive Linking.

Many E-books provide a table of contents, but they do not link to the chapters or pages detailed. This is in my opinion missing out on one of the best features of the format! Have a look at the sample pages and you will see the full table of contents, lists of images and tables. All these link to the appropriate pages and along with footnotes and references are a joy to use and make it a pleasure to navigate the text. Fast and easy navigation is my priority.

Professional formatting.

I use a professional standard typesetting program based on Latex that major publishing houses use to give you a consistent look and feel to the whole document.

Money Back Guarantee

Unlike books in a store you can not skim through an E-Book to see if it covers the material that you need. I respect this and so If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, just drop me a line and I will make sure that your get your money back quickly. No ifs and buts!

Easy Replacement.

If you have a computer crash and lose the E-Book files just send me a note and I will replace the book with the latest version.