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I have been providing quality content and information on a range of construction related topics for my site visitors since late 2006 . In that time I have built up a relationship of trust with a great number of them. They come to my site for information that is hard to find elsewhere.
I am looking for sponsors for the site with whom I can also build an on-going relationship.

I see this as a "win-win-win" situation.

  1. My site visitors will get ever increasing up-to-date information on modern products to help them with their projects.
  2. The quality of this site is enhanced by the inclusion of many innovative products listed by my sponsors.
  3. My sponsors will get their company and it's products exposed to "focussed-on-topic" visitors and valuable links to their websites.

  • There will be only one sponsor for each category so there will be absolutely no competition between sponsors on this site.
  • Each sponsor will have a banner ad that will be placed in the top right hand column. This add will be shown site wide. That is on every page of 930 on the site. They get over 220,000 page views every month.
  • The banner ad will link to a revue of the sponsor's company and products with outbound links to the sponsors website(s)
  • Part of the relationship building with my sponsors and my visitors is the use of images provided by the sponsors (with their permission and complying with any conditions they require) to illustrate the topics discussed on many of my pages, These images will be credited to the sponsor company and also link to the sponsors revue page and the external links to their websites.
  • Sponsors can be of two types.
    • Free sponsorship: The sponsor gives me permission to use some of their images in return for this site providing exposure of their company and links to their website. In these instances I would prefer a link back to my site but it is not essential.
    • Full sponsorship: I need income to keep the site afloat, hence the Google ads, but it is my intention to reduce the dependency on this, so paid or full sponsors will get my full attention in page building showing their products and there will be no forms of advertising on those pages that could conflict with the links to their revue pages.
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