Deck patio ideas

Here is a covered deck that may give you some deck patio ideas for your own project. On the principal that a photo is worth a thousand words it is mostly photos.

A Recent high level Deck

This is a deck that I built a few of years ago, at the age of 63 with a bad back, arthritis and just plain old age setting in.  It would have been so much easier with a nail gun eh? :-)
My son Tom and I did about 90% of the work, we had a plumber, an electrician and we had enough to keep us busy so we got the steel roofing done by others also.

Timber deck, hardwood
Patio and deck ideas - Part of the main area.  The ceiling has a lowered panel with a gap around the edges to allow the hot air to escape through a rotary roof vent.

There are a couple of other photos of this deck, on my steel stairs page and my  roofs page.

Thanks to Chris and Peter for letting me use these photos.  ( Peter has an old Drew Carey video clip that he delights on passing on to anyone who remarks on the size of this deck).

The decking boards here are a hardwood timber called Selangan Batu, which originates in Indonesia, probably Borneo.

As you can see we make use of steel a huge amount.   It is situated on top of a hill, overlooking the sea, so it had to be built as strong as possible.   (Cyclone category 2.5)

hardwood decking
Deck patio ideas - Corridor from the existing house.
The handrails were all steel out of 50 x 25 RHS.

We have a requirement in our building code that we don't have gaps greater than 125mm between any parts of the hand railing or balustrades.

We used a very popular method of filling the gap, Stainless steel wire strained between uprights.  

Just to make a change we also used 12mm compressed cement sheets in a few places.

We cut the sheets with my small Makita wet saw.
margin around steel
Deck patio ideas - I try to keep the gaps consistent, and do the same gap around any handrail supports.
deck roof
Deck patio ideas - Here's a shot looking up at the exposed ends of the floor joists in one section, and the different roofs.  You can see a half round gutter fixed directly to the rafter ends.
high level deck
Deck patio ideas - Here's a general view of the deck.  It has access from the old house verandah/deck and also it's own flight of stairs.

All the steelwork was grit blasted class 2.5 and a coat of inorganic zinc silicate primer.
This is the absolute best way to go for steel primer.  It is so tough, it bonds to the steel and can't be shifted.  All site welds were power wire brushed and primed with cold galv.  Then a coat of oil based primer an a coat of full gloss enamel.

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