Links and resources for DIY enthusiasts

Here are some excellent websites that I have found interesting and informative.

If you are are into diy and home renovation and you have found a helpful site, or if you have your own site I'd love to hear about it. Tell me about it here

Here is a link to Kate Taylor's site. A artist and craftswoman who makes wonderfully detailed boxes.

A subject that I have not given a lot of attention to on my site is the all important painting.  Karl Crowder has just about the best site that I have seen for painting tips and instruction.  Check it out!

Home Improvement Inside And Out - Do it yourself home improvement, repair, remodeling, and maintenance. Home improvement projects with step-by-step instructions covering a large selection of topics.

A DIY Home Remodeling Project for the Average Guy - Providing a detailed account of a home remodeling project from the exterior to the interior where an average guy / homeowner can see the struggles and methods used for remodeling.

Home Building Answers - Free, non-technical, easy-to-understand information for Owner Builders.  Joe Hill is a retired builder like myself.  He can guide you through the all important planning stages etc. that I don't even touch on here.

If you take the trouble to search about on this extremely no frills and slightly idiosyncratic site you will find that Jim Evans has a wealth of knowledge on offer. As he says on the first page it's not a "projects" website, it's a "fix-it" website.

Do It Yourself Today - Get tips and advice on your next home improvement, decorating or lawn and garden project. Do it yourself today and save!

Here is a site for DIY people to learn all about insulation. Have a look at Itchy's Do It Yourself Home Insulation.

DIY Home Improvement Guides Illustrated do it yourself guides for wall painting, faux finishing, drywall repairs, room remodeling and interior decorating as well as home improvement tools and materials guides.

Only recently I came across the term "House Flipping" .  It means buying a house, renovating it and then selling it for a profit  and Keith who is a contractor in the Midwest explains all about it. Here is Keith's site.

You will not find me advising anyone to do any diy with electrical work. NEVER, but if you are an electrician or looking for a main source of industry and trade information to electricians and electrical contractors, check out John's site here.

I like to think my roofing pages are OK, but I must admit that there is a lot of stuff I don't cover. Here are a couple of roofing related links that have some excellent content.
Vilo's Roofing Childs Play, and here is a Steel Metal Roofing Directory of major metal roofing vendors, steel roofing supplies, and metal roof installers in North America.

Here is Jim's excellent woodworking site.

Andrew has a site that is a resource for all owner builders.

For all you guys that live in the UK check out this site for Guttering - Marley Plumbing & Drainage offering innovative solutions for the construction industry. Marley Plumbing and Drainage are the industry benchmark for quality and professionalism. Contact us at 1622 858888.

This is a link to a directory that I  subscribe to.
2SearchSmart Human Edited Web Directory

I am a very indifferent drywall person, I usually limit myself to small patch ups.   I have just had a look at Rod Dyson's site and learnt something straight away that I wished I'd known about a few weeks ago when I patched my ceiling!

Not found it yet? Try this FAST SITE SEARCH or the whole web

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