An illustrated power tools glossary. The tools used in general construction

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Abrasive Disks
Consumable disks that are fitted into various power tools.
Air Stapler
A pneumatic staple machine much like a small nailgun.
Angle Grinder
A hand held tool powered mostly by electricity but also by compressed air and small combustion engines, used with a variety of attachments for grinding, cutting, polishing etc. Used in every type of construction. The tool gets it's name from the fact that the cutting head is mounted at an angle to the drive shaft of the motor.
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Band Saw
A continuous steel toothed blade running between two large pulleys, one of them power driven.
Belt Sander
A hand held carpentry power sander that uses the linear action of a cloth and resin based belt running around two wheels. Mostly used as a rought to intermediate sander.
Bench Grinder
A workshop machine that drives abrasive wheels and other accessories. Used for grinding, sharpening, cleaning and buffing.
Bench Sander
A sanding machine that is bench mounted. Used for sanding timber. Similar machines for finishing metal are known as linishers.
Biscuit Jointer
A relation of the small angle grinders, this tool with it's purpose made saw bled and adjustable frame is used in fine joinery work for producing what in effect are mortise joints with loose tenons called biscuits or plates.
Boring Machine
A multi-head machine used for drilling more than on hole at a time.
Brick Saw
A machine cutting bricks, pavers and cement blocks using a diamond blade cooled by water. Often portable with petrol or electric motors.
Brunel Mortiser
In woodworking: The very first automated mortiser in the early days of the industrial revolution.
Bugle Head Screw
Also known as Drywall Screw, a purpose made screw with a concave countersunk head, coarse thread and needle point tips for fixing plasterboard or drywall sheets.
Butchers Blade
A band saw blade specially made for cutting frozen meat. The heat treated teeth make it ideal for cutting laminates and plastics.
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Cermet Tipped Blade
A type of saw blade that looks like a TCT blade but it has ceramic and metal qualities. Used in saws designed for cutting sheet steel. That is metal roof sheeting.
Chain Mortiser
In woodworking: A machine that uses an endless chain to cut mortises in timber.
Chain Saw
A petrol engine driven saw. Used for lopping and cutting down trees.
Chipping Hammer
1.) An air operated tool that is used for chipping stone and concrete. 2.) A rotary hammer drill that has a non rotary function so that a chisel can be used. For chipping small amounts of concrete or chasing masonry walls.
Chisel Mortiser
A woodworking machine that cuts mortise slots in timber using a hollow square chisel with a drill bit inside it.
Chuck Key
A small tool to suit a particular drill chuck consisting of a bevel gear on a shaft with a sliding bar handle used to tighten and undo the chucks on drilling machines and electric drills.
Circular Bench Saw
A woodworking workshop machine designed mainly for rip sawing.
Circular Saw (Metal)
A hand held electric saw designed specifically for cutting sheet metal. Used by metal roofers and cladders.
CNC Router
A wood router that can be controlled by a computer to cut various pre-programed patterns or text etc.
Coil Nailer
A pneumatic nail gun that gets it's name from the fact that the nails come in a coil. They are typically used for siding and framing work.
An externally coned sleeve with two or more slits in it. In conjunction with a nut it is used to grip round material or tools. Also know as a Collet Chuck. Used for example in wood routers, dremel tools and high speed grinders.
Compound Miter Saw
A woodworking power tool that is capable of cutting compound angles. The saw can cut angles of up to 45 degrees either side in relation to the vertical fence. In addition the blade can be angled or tilted in relation to the machine's base.
Cordless Power Tools
Power tools that have their own source of power, normally rechargeable batteries
Countersink Bits
Machine and hand bits for for countersinking holes in wood, metal and plastics.
Countersink, Counterbore
A depression that is made to recieve the head of a screw or bolt so that it does not protrude above the surface.
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Demolition Breaker
A type of impact breaker using electric power. In the larger sizes also known as an electric jackhammer.
Diamond Saw Blade
A saw blade that has a matrix of diamond chips. Used for cutting ceramics, concrete and masonry. Generally falls into two categories, wet or dry cutting.
Drill Chuck
The part of a drilling tool that holds the drill bit.
Drill Press
A drilling machine either floor or bench mounted. A rotating vertical axis holds the drill bit and it is lowered into the work usually by a hand operated lever.
Drywall Screwgun
An electrical screwdriver that is specifically set up for driving drywall or plasterboard screws. Also know as a Depth Stop Screwdriver
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Electric Air Compressor
An electrically power machine for producing compressed air for use with air powered tools
Electric Cement Mixer
A machine for mixing cement and concrete which is driven by an electric motor. They are usually quite small, portable in some way and use household power for ease and convenience.
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Finish Nailer
A pneumatic nail gun suitable for small finishing nails.
Finish Stapler
An air tool used for fixing trim carpentry.
Flooring Nailer
A pneumatic nail gun specifically for laying secret nailed wooden flooring.
Forstner Bits
Machine bits for drilling flat bottomed holes in wood and some plastic .
Framing Nailer
An air powered tool that drives large framing nails. Typically 3 1/2" clipped head nails.
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High Speed steel
Steel used to make metal drill bits,saw blade etc. Shortened to HSS.
Hot Glue Gun
An electrical tool for heating up adhesive sticks into a liquid state for simple no fuss glue jobs.
Hypoid Saw
Also known as a Worm Drive Saw. A hand held powered saw that has the blade at right angles to the main shaft of the electric motor. The power is transferred through Hypoid gears.
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Impact Screw Driver
A cordless electric screwdriver that uses vibration or impacts on the screw head to drive or remove screws.
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Jackhammer Pneumatic
A tool run off compressed air used for breaking rocks and concrete.
In machining, A device to make repetitious work easier. At the same time it makes it more accurate and faster. Ranges from home-made to highly complex.
Jointer Planer
A woodworking machine with a single cutter head that planes one surface at a time of a piece of timber. Also called surfacer. Used for straightening and squaring timber.
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Keyless Chuck
A chuck to an electric drill or similar that can be operated by by hand, rather than by using a chuck key.
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Laminate Trimmer
A relation of the router, this tool is specifically made for trimming laminates, but with various cutters it is quite a handy lightweight tool for such jobs as recessing hinges.
Laser Level
A tripod mounted optical instrument that is used for obtaining levels in construction work. A spinning device emits a laser beam on a level plane that can be picked up by a receiver on the operators staff.
Li-Ion Battery.
A rechargeable battery using Lithium Iron technology.
Low Speed Drills.
A larger size electric drill that has low gearing. Used for drilling steel and also used with mixer attachments for mixing grout, ceramic tile cement, plasterboard adhesive and toppings etc.
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Masonry Bit
A drill bit with a Tungsten Carbide insert at the tip that is used in a percussion or hammer drill for drilling into concrete and masonry.
Masonry Drill Bit
A drill bit made for drilling into masonry and brick walls. Almost universally they have TCT inserts in the cutting tips.
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Needle Scaler
An compressed air tool used for cleaning rust, welding slag and scale off steel. Also used for creating a textured finish and removing laitance on concrete.
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Orbital Sander
In woodworking: A finish sander that has an orbital motion.
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Pavement Saw
A saw set up with a diamond cutting blade to cut concrete slabs and bitumen pavements.
Percussion Drill
An electric drill that has an on/off hammer option for drilling fairly small holes into masonry. It can also drill steel and wood in the normal way.
Plate Compactor
An engine driven vibrating steel plate for use in the compaction of back fill in trenches and other fairly small flat areas, say up to a house slab size.
Plunge Router
A versatile modern electric tool used in woodworking and with some plastics. The plunge refers to the fact that the machine normally has the cutter retracted when not in use, but when the base is unlocked, it can enter the work.
Power Miter Saw
Named after the mitre joint that it commonly makes these saws sometimes called drop saws or chop saws are used to make cuts across the length of pieces of timber.
Power Saw
Any one of a few different types powered saws, but in particular a common term for a hand held electric saw with a circular blade used for cutting wood.
Power Shears
An electric tool for cutting sheet metal. Used commonly for cutting metal roof sheets and flashings and sheet metal work in general. It works by taking a continuous 6mm strip of metal along the cut line leaving two usable pieces.
Power Snips
An electric tool for cutting sheet metal. Used commonly for cutting metal roof sheets and flashings and sheet metal work in general. It mimics the action of hand tin snips
Power Wire Brush
Purpose made accessories for angle grinders and bench grinders for cleaning steel and other materials.
Powered Grindstones
A couple of examples of belt drive grindstones used for sharpening tools. The power sources were water and steam.
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Radial Arm Saw
A woodworking workshop machine for cross cutting timber. Can make angled cuts (sometimes compound cuts) and it takes a range of cutters in addition the saw blades.
Reciprocal Saw
In Woodworking. A larger version of a hand held jig saw. A power saw that replaces a pad saw or compass saw. Also called Recipro or Sabre (saber) saws
Reduced Shank Bit.
A drill bit that steps down in diameter at the shank to enable it to fit into a smaller drill chuck.
Reversible Electric Drill.
A larger size electric drill that has a reverse switch that can be used to back the drill bit out of a hole in the event a the bit jamming in the workpiece.
Right Angle Attachment
An accessory for a standard drill that makes the drill easier to work in confined spaces. Also it can reduce the speed of the drill.
Right Angle Drill
In Woodworking and Metalworking. A powered drill that has the chuck pointing at right angles to the shaft of the motor. Usually in larger sizes and usfull because it can work in a smaller place than a standard drill.
Rock Drill
An air operated tool mostly hand held, that uses various sizes and lengths of drill bits for drilling into rock or concrete.
Rotary Hammer Drill
An electric tool for drilling larger holes in masonry and concrete. Many of them can also be used with a chisel tool.
Router Cutters
Purpose made cutters to be used with machine routers.
Revolutions Per Minute. The speed rating of a machine and the tools that are fitted to it. It is critical to use the correct tools, discs or blades in any particular machine. Over revving of disks can cause them to shatter!
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Scroll Saw
A fine bladed hand or machine saw used for cutting fine tracery work in timber and plastics.
Sheet Metal Nibbler
An electric tool for cutting sheet metal. Used commonly for cutting metal roof sheets and flashings and sheet metal work in general. It works by taking small bites of the material at a time.
Sliding Compound Miter Saw
A woodworking power tool that is capable of cutting compound angles. In addition it has a sliding function that allows it to cut wider pieces of timber than a standard drop saw.
Sliding Table Saw or Panel Saw
A woodworking workshop machine for cutting sheet material.
Spring Caliper
A machinists tool for checking the size of something turned on a lathe. They can be categorised by being Inside calipers or outside calipers.
Straight Grinder
A power grinding tool with to tool or cutter fixed on an extension of the motor's shaft.
The fine metal shavings and dust caused by drilling or sawing steel. The leftovers of the operation.
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Thermoplastic Adhesive
A glue that is in it\'s normal state a solid or semi-solid but it becomes liquid when it is heated. For example the glue sticks used in hot glue guns.
Thicknesser Planer
A woodworking machine with a single cutter head that planes timber to a parallel depth and thickness. In the US abbreviated to Planer and UK-Australia is is called a Thicknesser
Triton Saw Bench
In Woodworking. A cheap metal bench that when fitted with a hand held power saw, making a useful cheap bench saw.
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Wacker Packer
An engine driven plate compactor for use in the compaction of backfill in trenches and other narrow excavations.
Wood Lathe
A woodworking machine for turning round sections. It can also be used for boring. The turning tools are normally held by hand with the aid of a tool rest.
Wood Shaper
A woodworking machine with provision for a large range of cutters to be mounted on a vertical spindle. Shaper is the US term for this machine. In the UK and Australia the term spindle moulder is used for this machine which is used to produce mouldings.
Wood Turning
The act of shaping circular wooden sections in a lathe. A turner is person doing the work.

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