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The Companies that appear in the top right hand side of every page on this site are site sponsors. This sponsorship can take the form of them assisting the site by allowing me to use their copyrighted material to improve the range of material that I can show you, or they can also be financial sponsors that help me with the running costs of the site.

My policy is to keep it simple for my advertisers, my visitors and as a result, also myself.

  • I accept only one sponsor for each category, this will keep the the site neat and not cluttered.
  • The sponsors are and always will be top companies with quality products and services that I can honestly endorse. I write review pages for them with links to their websites and I will keep the revues honest and impartial in spite of the fact that they may or may not be paying me money. You may say that I don't give them bad revues, well that's for sure.... if they were anything less than "Best of Breed"... they wouldn't be here!
  • My sponsors are helping me to keep this site afloat so if you want it to still be here next year why not give them a bit of support yourself.
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P.S. If your company manufactures products or provides services to the building and construction industry and you would like to know more about my site sponsorship click on this sponsors link.

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