Construction innovations and inventions in the home building field

A brief intro to the construction innovations links at the right.

Over the past few months, as this site started to pick up a bit of steam I have had the odd request to put something on a page from guys that have invented something or just brought out an improvement on existing home building technology.

I am not into advertising on this site, but I don't mind giving these guys a bit of space, as I think these pages add something to my site as a whole and my visitors should find some of them have merit.

The guy that started the ball rolling for me was Derek Pater who sent me some info on his adjustable roofing protractor some months ago.
Derek is by no means new to the invention game, he has a couple of product up and running with manufacture under way.
He has appeared on TV with one of his inventions and has now started his own website, with the aim of helping other inventors ind innovators through the complicated process of patents, agreements with manufacturers etc.
He has this to say about his site:-

Derek's Concepts: A new Website that provides a lot of free Information for the New Inventor to help them on their Invention Journey, that hopefully leads to success in the market place.
Also a low cost service in Invention Evaluation and if successful in reasearch a low cost second stage development and submission to manufactures.
The current main focus for Inventions,are new building construction or automotive hand tools.

Right at present as I said, this page is just a jump off point for the pages shown in the right side menu.  Have a poke about.

If you have any comments on any of the inventions, good or bad, please post them here, I am sure that the inventors would appreciate the feedback.

I am not into spamming or any of that sort of crap, and I assure you that  your E-Mail address won't go any further than my "in box" and I will delete it completely as soon as you say.

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Recent Inventions and new products

Here are a few new products that are related to building and home improvement type work.
If you are an inventor and you are trying to get something that you feel is worth while off the ground then by all means contact me and I'll give you some space here to promote your product.
If you have a website I'll give you a link, or if you have not got one yet then you can treat one of these pages as your info on the web.

There is no charge for this and also I want it to be very clear to my readers that I don't get or ask for any money from these guys.  I am doing it as a service for my readers, but...if one of the inventors happens to get bought out by a multinational company........ well... I hope they remember who their mates are, eh:-)

Other Similar Pages.

Just in case you have read a few of these pages and you think that my comments are a bit biased in favour of the inventions, well.... you are right.  Why would I bother putting something here if I don't think it is any good?  There are heaps of websites that promote crap for money if that's what you want.



Please Note! The information on this site is offered as a guide only!  When we are talking about areas where building regulations or safety regulations could exist,the information here could be wrong for your area.  It could be out of date!  Regulations breed faster than rabbits!
You must check your own local conditions.
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