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Concrete Saw
A saw with a diamond blade that will cut concrete and bitumen pavements. Ranges from hand tool electric driven to petrol or diesel engined self propelled models.

a walk behind concete saw

A small walk behind 450mm (18") diamond saw that is a good choice for sawing control joints in fresh concrete slabs. The maximum depth that can be cut with this small saw is around 100mm (4") but at that depth it would be working very hard and the going would be extremely slow. The larger sized saws with 600mm diameter blades are a better choice for deeper cuts. When they get up to that size and over they get a lot more sophisticated with powered feeds and larger engines.

concrete blade

Here is a close up of the diamond blade that does this incredibly hard work. The bade itself is high speed steel and the cutting surface contains many small industrial diamond chips set into a matrix. As with the saws, the blades are not all created equal and various layouts and compositions are available. The saws on this page are all water cooled. That is they are intended to be used with a continuous stream of fresh water flowing over them while they are working. In smaller hand tool sizes some blades are designed with fluted in the blades to create cooling air flows, and these are known as dry saws, but EVERY diamond blade runs better if it is cooled with

a concrete brick or block saw

Here is a small saw made for cutting clay or concrete bricks and pavers.

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