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Door Hardware
Metal products used in conjunction with doors. For example locks hinges and handles. Also referred to as Door Furniture.

This page is a brief introduction to the range of objects and their functions that come under the general classification of Door Furniture.

a band and gudgeon hinge
Door Hardware : An old band and gudgeon hinge that is interesting because in it used with a second hinge in a pair of doors. Depending on whether to bolts on the inside of the door are fixed or open the whole door can be opened or just one leaf, the active leaf.
mortise lock and latch
Door Hardware : A modern mortise lock with a separate lock cylinder, lever handle. It has an electric strike and an electronic swipe card reader fixed to the door jamb above.
a pad-bolt
Door Hardware : An old pad-bolt in the open position.
a hydraulic door closer
Door Hardware : A Hydraulic door closer
a weather strip or weather seal
Door Hardware : An aluminium threshold weather seal to an external aluminium and glass pivot door.

Given that we have a door and an opening to put it in then we have to have some method of opening and closing it. This function is taken care of either by hinges or some sliding mechanism.

Door Hinges
Hinges allow the door to swing, most of the time from one edge of the door, as in the photo on the left, but in the case of pivot hinges they may be set slightly inside the edge. Hinges can be face fixed (as in the photo here) edge fixed or a combination of both.
Sliding Mechanisms
These allow a door to slide sideways. They can range from the door just resting in a groove or rolling on runners. The runners can be mounted n the top or the bottom of the door.

Given that the door is now swinging or sliding then we need something to open and close it with. We need something to hold it in position during normal use and we need something to secure it. The photo at the right shows a combination of handle, lock and latch.

Door Handles
An aid to opening and closing a door manually. Examples are:- quite simple fixed "D" handles on cupboard doors, larger fixed Pull Handles to external entry doors, handles that incorporate lock cylinders, knobs or lever handles that rotate to operate a lock or latch.
Door Latches
A hardware device to keep a door closed but not necessarily locked. They can be face fixed (as in the photo) or they can be mortised into the door.
Door Locks
A door hardware device to keep a door secure from entry by unauthorised persons. Can be operated by keys or electronically. Once again they can be fixed to the door face, morticed into the door for greater security or they can be a separate item such as a Padlock that is used in conjunction with other hardware items.
Electric Strike
Stike plate assemblies that release the door locks at an electronic signal. As from a swipe card.

Another method of securing a door is by means of bolts. They range from very small to quite large ironmongery items. Normally bolts are fixed to the inside face of a door, top and bottom. They can only be opened from one side.

Hardware devices used to fix doors into a locked position. They consist of a movable bar in a frame that is fixed to a door. The bar has an open position when it is retraced and a closed position when extended in a hole or mortise in the door jamb or threshold. They can be divided into Flush bolts which are set flush with the face of the door.
Surface Bolts which are face mounted and include:-
Barrel Bolts
Strap Bolts which often are described as Panic Bolts.
Pad Bolts
These bolts are used on the outside of a door. They have a Hasp and Staple type of extension that permits the bolt to be secured by a padlock when they are closed.
Door Closer
A mechanical method of closing a door. Alsocalled a Door Check.

As with most door furniture categories there are many different types of door closers. They nearly all use some variation of a spring mechanism. The one shown here is a common one that has it's internal spring attached to a piston set inside an oil cylinder. This gives a smooth, two stage operation.

Weather Seals
Hardware devices that stop the entry of water through external doors. Mostly consisting of a part that fixes to the bottom of the door and one that fixes to the threshold. Also called Weather Strips
Door Seals
Hardware devices or materials that seal the edges of doors. In different profiles and materials they can be used to seal drafts, smoke and fire, rainwater, sound and light.

Here is a list of other door furniture items that can be used in certain circumstances. The ones that are formatted as links lead to more detailed pages.

Panic Exit Bars
Panic Exit Devices
Strike Plates, Strikes, Strike boxes, Strike Sheilds
Rebate Kits
Push and Pull Plates,
Door Pulls (sliding doors),
Ring Pulls,
Door Knocker
Door Bell
Door Stops,
Door Holders
Security Viewer (peephole),
Door Chain, Security Chain
Robe Hooks, Hat and Coat Hooks,
Door Bumper, Bumper and Hook,
Cabin Hooks,
Signage, Braille Signage.
House Numbers

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