A Hindu temple sketch

hindu temple in singapore
Hindu temple - sketch has written on the bottom, "washed with tea and condensed milk".

Thaipusam festival
Thaipusam festival, Singapore

A temple in Little India, Singapore. These things used to drive me mad, just far too much detail to absorb, where to start?
Hilary (SWIMBO) and myself had managed to get a footpath table at a cafe opposite the temple and I had a couple of magic cups of thick black tea sweetened with.....condensed milk. It may sound horrible, but there was no other milk available, so "when in Rome" and all that.

I reached for my pen and book and I just squiggled about, making no attempt at a recognizable figure anywhere. I figured if I did one I would have to keep going and do the lot. I'd have lost the plot for sure. As per usual I did the wash with the material on hand. (While medium was a bit thick for thin for misty effects there's no doubt it blocked in the shadows.

Looking at it now it is easy to see that I can add a bit to the right hand side to make it look better, but if I was aiming for perfection I would have used a camera. As it is I can still taste that tea. You don't get memories like that in Starbucks.

We stayed a week in Little India in Singapore and loved it.  Vibrant and bustling.  The morning I did this sketch was a huge day for the Hindus in Singapore.  It was the day of their annual Thaipusam festival.  The streets were closed to traffic along a route of about 5 Km and the devotees walk with various hooks, spears, needles etc. piercing their skin.  I guess that many see this as way of showing their devotion, proving that their faith can overcome physical pain and suffering.

"The art of drawing which is of more real importance to the human race than that of writing... should be taught to every child just as writing is... " John Ruskin 1819-1900

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