Zip Clip tile fasteners

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Zip Clip tile fasteners - A new type of cement roof tile clip.  The only tile clip on the market that is rated for the highest cyclonic terrain category, C3

The Zipclip is a lightweight, adjustable, corrosion proof, glass reinforced polymer (nylon) clip for holding roof tiles in place on wooden battens.
It has many advantages both physically & behind the scenes. The clip is an invention that takes the place of the metal version currently available.

  • Most importantly this roofing clip is designed to hold roof tiles down during extremely high Cyclonic or Hurricane force winds.
  • We now have a version specially designed for the USA style roofs which have plywood covering the whole roof, these are called deck clips.
  • This is the only roofing clip made from state of the art nylons which will not corrode & rust near the ocean where most high winds & housing co exist.
  • Other less obvious benefits like smooth edges as opposed to metal stamped clips that have very sharp edges that will cause fingers much trauma.
  • Zip Clips can be fixed faster & maintain consistency in fixing quality using the spacer distance from the batten to the back of the clip, once the nail is driven to the full depth penetration will always be the same.

Zip Clip was developed to deal with numerous tile clipping issues.

roof tile clip
Zip Clip tile fasteners - Hurricane tested tile clip in action.
  • Currently 12 different clips needed for the different thicknesses of roof tiles, including stainless.
  • Corrosion issues with galvanized clips
  • Inconsistent quality (see fitting problems photos) using existing clips.
  • ZipClips have a major design feature that allows one clip to fit all profiles of tile on the market, this solve an age old problem of the wrong clip turning up on the job & stopping work on the site until the correct clip is delivered (if at all).
  • Less stock at warehouse
  • Faster and neater fitting as it is much easier on the fingers of the roofers.
  • Insures consistent quality (see fitting problems photos)
  • Zip Clip is the only clip on the market that has a C3 Rating or any recent rating.

Invented by Greg Hay and Peter O'Dougherty

Check out their website.


The email address above is your way to contact Greg and Peter, as you can see it is not clickable, but an image. I am sorry but you will have to copy it by hand, as otherwise the guys would very soon get swamped by spam.

Bill's comments

The guy's have got some pretty persuasive arguments here.

For me the main factors are strength, strength, and strength again: knowing that the strength will still be there in years to come, because of the corrosion resistance.

It is a fact that we are experiencing more and more severe weather events, and we have to build for the world we have, and not the world as it used to be.

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