nobow flooring clamp by Paul Gaunt

nobow flooring clamp

The NOBOW® Compact Power Floor Clamp 'NO GAPS, NO BOWS, NO WORRIES!'

  • Double you crews productivity and your profit
  • Don’t waste your time with a hammer and chisel, or half-baked gadgets.
  • No more wasted material or throwing away bent and twisted boards.
nobow on joists
The method of using the flooring clamp on battens or on timber joists.

Nobow With the Nobow Floor Tool installing can be a one-person operation. Nobow works on secondhand, recycled, remilled, new and extra-wide floorboards. Use it in any situation that requires leverage to get those boards together, rather than bashing or prising.It applies the pressure wherever you need it,with no damage and no dramas.

clamp in a confined space
The Nobow flooring clamp fits into odd corners and confined spaces.

Laying timber floorboards? Forget your hammer and chisel .. use NOBOW®, the world's simplest, most efficient timber floor laying system

Any handy person can install timber floorboards with the Nobow® Compact Power Floor Clamp. And professional installers will love the precision and efficiency.

clamping over an existing floor
Using the clamp on a direct glue job over an existing floor or ply.

Save time and money

Nobow® Compact Power Floor Clamp has been developed for solo installation

Strong, light, built to last

Nobow® Compact Power Floor Clamp is supplied in a handy toolbox and has only 5 pieces for quick assembly and weighs only 14.5kgs

cramp used on decking
The clamp can also be used on decking.

No experience needed

Nobow® Compact Power Floor Clamp has been developed allowing easy use by anyone

Fast accurate power, every time

Nobow® Compact Power Floor Clamp is air driven - effortless, powerful and accurate

Reliable, no maintenance required

With no mechanical moving parts, Nobow® Compact Power Floor Clamp will stand the rough and tumble of everyday use

Here's a link to the nobow flooring clamp website for more details.

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Bill's comments

I have not seen one of these Nobow clamps in action, so I am really only looking at what anyone can see on Paul's website, and a couple of e-mail conversations that we have had.

  • The last job that I supervised before I retired had a really expensive laminated bamboo floor installed. The floor was laid when I was away on holiday and the client organised everything. To tell the truth it was a disaster, just about all the joints were slightly open.
  • I think the problem was that the flooring was directly glued to a concrete slab and the floor fixer who was an experienced guy just did not have the equipment to do the job properly.
  • In that case, about four years ago there was maybe no equipment available to do the job, but I am convinced that this powerful tool would have done it easily.
  • I also like the way that from the basic idea the inventor has extended it so that the clamp works in different ways to suit just about any flooring situation.

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