copper roofing

Once only used on grand public buildings, copper roofing is now getting into the mainstream.

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History of copper roofs.

an old copper roof
copper roofing - A grand example of an old copper roof on a dome in Edinburgh. This photo illustrates on of copper's great features. If the builder can build it then the copper trades person can sheet it. From almost flat to vertical, compound curves no problem.
Photo thanks to User:hotblack and Morgue file.

Copper roofing has been around since the middle ages, but the metal itself goes back to antiquity. Copper has been mined and used by mankind since the dawn of civilisation. If you have any doubt about the material's suitability as a long term roofing material there are many fine examples of copper roofs in cities all over the world that are over two hundred years old.

The green colour on old weathered copper is copper carbonate, called verdigris. It is created when the surface oxidises. This surface oxidisation forms a protective covering to the surface.

When talking about old copper artifacts the green oxidisation is known as the "Patina"

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Modern Copper Roofing

copper roofing Sydney
copper roofing - A fine recent roof overlooking Whale Beach in Sydney.
The roof and photo by Dynamic Roofing.

While copper is much sought after for heritage projects and feature roofs on expensive homes, it is slowly making it'd way into the average residential sector.

  • Many companies are now selling interlocking shingle type copper products.
  • Roofing companies that do standing seam roof in other metals also offer copper as an option,

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Pros and cons of copper roofing

a new copper roof.
copper roofing - A new copper roof job overlooking the sea at Watsons Bay in Sydney.
Photo thanks again to Dynamic Roofing, Sydney.

  • Copper is durable. A well designed and fixed copper roof will easily last the lifetime of it's owners or their children.
  • It fire resistant.
  • At the correct roof slope it will shed snow very easily.
  • It is lightweight and so does not impose dead loads on the roof framing.
  • There is no limit the the angle of pitch of a copper roof.
  • Installing copper roofing is not in my opinion a job for an amateur. It has to be done correctly. You cannot cut costs by doing it yourself.
  • Copper is more expensive than most other roofing materials.
  • A skilled professional copper roofer will know how to install your roof taking into consideration galvanic corrosion, but as for all metal roofs the owner should make sure that other people working on the roof at a later date, know the correct methods.

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