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fascia gutter
1.) A rainwater gutter that is fixed to a fascia board.
2.) A purpose made rainwater gutter that is fixed to the ends of the rafters and also performs the function of a fascia board.
Wooden Gutter
A timber or wooden gutter machined out of a solid piece of timber. Face fixed to wooden fascia boards.
Many variations in shape and colours, quick and easy to fix. Has somewhat of a reputation for being susceptible to UV deterioration.
Metal Gutter
A roll formed metal gutter. Usually fixed to matching metal fascias. Can be seen in many profiles and can be made in various metals, "Zincalume" type coated steel, stainless steel, copper etc.
Metal Gutter Accessories
For the gutters in the same material and finishes, stop ends, right angle bends and internal joints. Fixing aids include various brackets, spikes and ferrules, face fixed hangers and rafter fixed hangers, adjustable hangers. Sealants and pop rivets.
A double curve consisting of two arcs, one convex and one concave looking like part of a letter "S". Used extensively in decorative mouldings in timber and stone.

Also known as hanging or eaves gutters. As a general guide only these gutters should have a minimum fall of 1:600, which conveniently enough is 10mm in a 6M length.

metal eaves gutter
Define: Fascia Gutter - A sketch of a typical metal gutter and one method of fixing.

There must be dozens of different profiles available, from half round to square. The one drawn is made to look like the old Ogee style.

These roll formed gutters can be made in any lengths, with the standard "off the shelf" being 6M. and up to 10M made to order depending on the availability

ogee wooden gutter
Define: Fascia Gutter - Pre 1970's wooden gutter.

This brings back memories of jointing lengths of this stuff. Halving joints, stop ends and down pipe fittings recessed into the timber, painted with red lead and a fair amount of putty to make the joints. (no need to be too fussy). For a reason that still seems slightly "iffy" we never painted the backs, it was said to allow the timber to breath. The best of these were made out of Pitch Pine, a very resinous timber that lasted for years.

A word of caution to would be fixers. Always check the fall with a spirit level. I once fixed a 12M. run of metal gutter and gave it plenty of fall measuring the fall end to end from the fascia. As you do! The following morning the owner caught me with the comment "the gutter is falling the wrong way". He'd been up a ladder on the two storey house and tried it with a hose pipe. It turned out that the fascia and indeed the whole house was 60mm out of level. "You can't win em all."

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