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Plumb Bob
A weight suspended on a string line, cord or wire to find true vertical. The main metal used for this was lead, from the Latin for lead Plumbum. Also called a plummet.
Exactly vertical. If a member is vertical it is said to be "plumb". If not it is said to be "out of plumb".
String line.
A line usually out of string, but also used is wire, cord, nylon fishing line etc. When stretched tight it is used as an aid to creating straight lines.
Plumb Rule
A length of wood from which a plummet can be conveniently strung to find vertical.

A Roman plumb bob

a plumb rule

Above is a two thousand years old Roman plumb-bob in the British Museum.

Alongside is sketch of a plumb rule.

The plummet needs a line that it is suspended from and it creates a true vertical reference line. It can also be used to find a point directly below the point that it is suspended from.
A string line on it's own is also a very useful tool. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, so by stretching a line between two points we create something to measure off to straighten building members.

See here for more on using plummets and string lines.

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