A reader's Roofs and roofing question: Scribing-flashings?

Geraint M.   from   Perth W. Australia   had this scribing flashings question .

Hi Bill.
Thanks for such a great site - I'm sure glad I found it. I think I'll be using your online advice for a long time to come.
I have a question regarding fitting colourbond ridge and hip flashing to a carport that I am building.

Is there a tool or template available to simplify marking / cutting the flashing edge to match the profile of my custom orb sheet? The shop "experts" don't seem to have a clue. The roofing suppliers that I have spoken to say that I should just fit the flashing flat, but I really like the look of the scribed flashing on your website.

Bill's answer

Hi Geraint, I show a small template that I make up for scribing custom orb on my scribing page.
You might have missed it if you were just looking at the roof sheeting pages.

  • You make the bottom of the template so that it sits into the valley of the sheet and then mark the flashing. Do this one corrugation at a time, It takes longer to mark the sheet than to cut it, but it does help.
  • I can't add a lot to what I say there. When you see roofers they just tack the flashing down with a screw at each end, then they just cut with a pair of snips by eye.
  • I use a template, and it works for me, but this is definitely a case of the more you do the better you get. Hips are the worst of course.
  • Try to get or order the flashing turn down a touch longer and with a touch steeper bend, than necessary so that when you screw down the thing is forced into the roof profile.
  • Sometimes you can go around after and tap the scribes in a bit with a hammer.
  • I have not seen it done for years, but there is a way of dressing the edge of the flashing into the valleys of the sheets with round end of a ball hammer. That is without any cutting.
  • It looks rough and does not do as good a job. May be it worked better with the old galv. iron, which was probably more ductile than Zincalume.

I used to hate doing the scribing, but I got used to it. Take care with it and have fun.


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