A bit of gratuitous rambling about trade secrets

Using a coping saw to cut a scribe to a cornice

I have just added another page about coping saw work, and I was going to put this section into it, then thought better as it is a bit of a rant. What brought it on was the kind permission I received from user Rat52 on this Aussie based Woodworking forum, to use some of his photos. Rat52 seems to me to be typical of an ever growing group of Internet users who try to give as much as they receive.

One of the things that got me into doing my own website was the fact that as I wandered around the web, I kept coming across people who are willing to go to a fair bit of trouble to pass on their knowledge to others.   In my case I really needed it, help with computers, help fixing up a couple of old motor bikes, the list is endless.

I have a bit of paper somewhere written in old fashioned script with a big wax seal on it that says that I am certified by "The City and Guilds of London Institutes" to practice the trade of carpentry and joinery.

The important word there is "Guilds".   In the early middle ages various groups of tradesmen formed themselves into associations or guilds.  The old guilds were very jealous of their knowledge and didn't let outsiders into their  "trade secrets".

I think what I am doing here and the guys who post answers to news groups and forums are doing, is a way of trying to pay back a bit of what's been received.  Also I think there is a feeling of guilt that somehow that I have not trained or helped as many apprentices as I should have.

The old guys that I served my time with would have taught the trade to dozens of young guys in their working lifetimes.  I probably taught no more than six official "bound apprentices".   The system has changed so much.

Even when I was a lad the attitude to amateur diy'ers was   "Tell em nowt".  What a change there is today with the TV shows, Internet etc.    Bring it on.

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