Biscuit Joiner, Plate Joiner

biscuit joiner
Biscuit joiner - Lamello Top plate joiner

Plate joiners, so called because they use a flat oval shaped plate or biscuit of a composition material to join surfaces together. They have virtually replaced the use of dowels in joinery work. They keep spot on alignment one way, but because they use a slot instead of a round hole they allow a bit of leeway the other.

biscuit joint
Biscuit joiner - A plate joint

This makes them very easy to use and set up. The one pictured here is a Lamello, The first on the market and arguably still the best. There are many cheaper copies about.

I have always looked on this as a Joinery workshop tool. Excellent for cupboards and wardrobes in MDF boards.

lamello blade
Biscuit joiner - The blade extended

I am also finding out that guys are now using them on site in second fix work. Imagine, a biscuit in the miter joints of door architraves, now that's gotta beat pinning them with nails to try and get them level.

aligment of joint
Biscuit joiner - The alignment mark at the center of the machine is lined up with the mark on the work.

I notice that you can buy a larger blade that gives a 30mm cut. This opens up the possibilities of easing the bottom of doors while they are still hanging. I maybe wouldn't bother with one when fitting new doors, unless they were heavy fire doors, which is hardly a DIY situation. What about this though. Ceramic floor tiling jobs nearly always need the internal door cut down. Hire one of these and do every internal door in your house in a morning.

Of course you could hire a jamb saw or an undercut, if they happen to be available, but I have no experience with them so I can't advise.

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