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concrete yardage calculator
Concrete Calculator
cubic metres
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Here is a quick little form that will give you accurate concrete volumes for small jobs.

  • It is always instructive to play about with a small calculator like this while you are getting the areas ready for concrete Noting how much difference an extra 15mm in depth makes to the cost of a concrete slab on the ground is always instructive.
  • Many times it has made me spend more time laying and levelling a sand bed. Sand is cheap and it is not too time consuming to lay, compared to say another $400 of concrete.
  • Don't skimp, but at the same time don't throw money away by slack preparation.
  • Note, no allowance is made for waste, you have to allow that yourself.
  • Once again we are faced with how much extra to allow for spillage and maybe if we are talking about flatwork the fact that the forms are set up on rough ground.
  • Personally I like to do the measuring up the day before the pour without the rush and pressure of attending to last minute items .
  • The actual arithmetic for this is very basic, length X width X depth. The skill that comes with experience is gaining a good eye for averaging uneven surfaces, or more to the point, at the end of a full truck load being able to do a really quick estimate of what is left to be done when re-ordering that extra amount.
  • There is an input here for the value of say ready mix concrete. Again this is a very simple calculation with no allowance for waste, waiting time or distance from supply etc. Any of which factors may alter the price.
averaging footing depth

Post Hole, Circular Columns, or Augured circular Footings

earth auger
Concrete Calculator
pier footings
Hole Diameter
Hole Depth
Number of holes
Cost per Cubic metre
Cubic metres needed
Cost of this amount

I must have done many dozens of angered foundation holes for steel RHS columns, but I never used to bother with pi R squared to get the circular area. I would look at a hole that had been augered with a machine like above with a 600mm dia. and just average it roughly at say 575mm square and in the scale of things it was close enough.

If you are looking for something more detailed then bookmark this page and call back later because I intend to work steadily on this section of the site to make it far more detailed. With things like cement, sand and aggregate quantities needed for mix on site work.

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