Roofing Calculator giving areas in Square feet and in roof squares and roofing costs

A free online roofing calculator in square feet,

If you input the lengths and widths in feet and inches, this handy online roofing calculator will give you the size of the roof, which of course varies with the amount of the slope.

Roofing square footage.
Feet and Inches
  Feet Inches
Overall roof length
Roof span
  Run Rise
Roof slope
your cost to buy, per square foot.
roof slope ratio 1 :
Area in Square Feet
Area in roofing Squares (100 sq ft)
estimated cost of your roofing

All of my small forms on this site are aimed at casual viewers who just want an accurate answer...QUICKLY. In addition I do think that simple calculators like this make it very easy to see "what - if" scenarios. For example it is easily noticeable how the price rises, and the slope rises.

For people who have or want to have a deeper understanding of the subject I always try to offer some extra background information.

This form is based on a couple of very simple facts that most tradesmen today must not understand too well. They go back to basic junior school arithmetic and plane geometry and they are fairly easy to grasp. As I am fond of saying, once you have this basic knowledge you will no longer need to refer to little forms like these and trust that the guy who wrote them knew what he was doing.

For a detailed explanation of how to calculate roofing quantities yourself and what the roof slope ratio is and how easy it makes roofing calculations, go to the next page linked below.

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