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A free online roofing estimate calculator in square metres

If you input the lengths and widths decimal metres this handy online roofing calculator will give you the surface area of the whole roof. This will also help in getting your costs if you have obtained material prices from suppliers..

Roofing surface area in square metres
Input the size of the roof here in metres and use the decimal point for the millimetres. e.g. 56.3 is 56 M 300mm. Include any overhangs at the eaves and the gables. NOTE! - the sizes are as seen on the PLAN VIEW
Overall roof length.
Overall Roof width
input the roof angle or pitch here in decimal degrees.
Roof pitch
cost per square metre.
roof slope ratio 1 :
Area in Square metres
cost of your roofing

These small forms are to get an uncomplicated idea of amounts and costs...QUICKLY. In addition I do think that simple calculators like this make it very easy to see "what - if" scenarios. For example it is easily noticeable how the price rises, if the the slope also rises.

NOTE! This page is related to the metric system, which is what we use in Australia and the UK. We also use the angle or pitch of a roof in degrees, so as this form is set out it is convenient to us. If you are from the US or have a drawing that uses the US way of describing the roof angle as a ratio, or if your drawing gives you the height and half span then go to the Roofing Calculator imperial page. Ignore the inches fields and just punch in decimal metres and enter your half span and rise.

For people who have or want to have a deeper understanding of the subject I always try to offer some extra background information.

Getting a good estimate of a roof's area and so it's costs is not as hard or as complicated as it may seem at a casual glance.

For a detailed explanation of how to calculate roofing quantities yourself and what the roof slope ratio is and how easy it makes roofing calculations, go to my roofing calculator slope ratio. page.

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