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A free online Square footage calculator for the building industry. This easy to use calculator page will help you to calculate the square footages of concrete flatwork, flooring, wall tiles roofs and ceilings.

Rectangular Area Calculator
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Total Area in Square Feet

This calculator is very simple and used just for extracting the square area of rectangular areas. The basic function is quite simply length times breadth. It can be used for walls, concrete flatwork, floor covering and flat roofs. It is very basic at present but I do intend evolving all of these simple calculators into quite complex sheets that can return very useful information,

If you are measuring a large area, say with a view to finding out how many drums of concrete sealer that you need, well, I'd say that you could just about do that in your head, or at least with a pencil and paper. Because of the fact that the sealer comes in say 5 gallon drums that cover a lot of area then it should be fairly easy to spot how many drums you need without going to absolute accuracy.

If on the other hand you are intending to do some ceramic tiling then you to need to get an accurate result. In this case I measure to the last inch and then, depending on various factors I have to decide what to allow as a margin for wastage. Personally I always feel happy if I have up to a box of tiles left at the end of a job as they get left with the client in case of breakages etc. But having too many left over is just no fun at all. They almost always sooner or later get thrown out. So measure accurately,

Triangular Area Calculator
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Base length
Total Area in Square Feet

We use triangles all the time in building construction from setting out the building area and squaring it to pitching the roof. I will be doing a separate page of triangular calculations because they are so important to us. These two small square footage calculators are offered just as a starter to find the square footage of a triangular area. For instance in house construction we often need to find the area of the triangular sections of gable walls when measuring up for cladding an ply etc.

Triangular Area From Three sides
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Side one
Side two
Side two
Total Area in Square Feet

Not so often we may have to resort to getting the area of a triangle by just using the measured lengths of each of the three sides. The small square footage calculator on the right may save some time setting up a vertical off the base line to get the height, if the three sides are known. In the guts of this simple form is a formula devised by the Ancient Greek mathematician Heron of Alexandria.

He is also know as Hero, and quite often his name crops up in relation to the first ever steam driven device. He invented a way to open large temple doors by a simple stem driven device. Many centuries before it became discovered again at the start of the industrial revolution.

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